Pattaya Water sports, bungee jumping, submarine tours and much more there is an array of activities that can make your trip to Pattaya action-packed and full of adventures.

Pattaya water sports enthusiasts will find coral island beach a haven for fun activities and water-based sporty adventures on or under the open blue sea. Pattaya fun in the sun awaits single adults and families with children to join in and choose from the plethora of water sport activities which are available along the beach front and at the nearby coral islands.

Pattaya’s location on the Gulf of Thailand, together with its reputation as hardy seaside resort with tropical climate, lends itself ideally to water activities. Here you can find most types of water sports, from jet-skis to snorkelling, parasailing to scuba diving, water-skiing to yacht racing and sailing in a dinghy. Oh, and the swimming is also good.For parasailing, the boats will pick you up from the Bali Hi Pier and take you out to the pontoons, where instruction to novices and experts alike will be given. This pursuit cannot be undertaken on windy days, and safety is a key factor. A parasailing experience, however, will give you an unforgettable and fabulous view of Pattaya Bay.

Water Sports in Pattaya

Water Sports in Pattaya


The Blue Lagoon Kitesurf School offers a range of lessons that caters to both beginners and the experienced who are looking for rental services. Having received many favourable reviews regarding their attention to safety and customer service, Blue Lagoon is a popular tourist hot spot for those who wish for an exciting vacation.The school offers 1-day beginner courses starting from 4,000 baht (S$160) and could reach 11,000 baht should you opt for a 3-day beginner course that concludes at a level 2 certification. These prices are inclusive of the equipment. However, remember to bring your own sun screen, UV rated sunglasses (which you are prepared to lose), a rash vest as well as a hat with a secure strap. The classes are typically conducted with a ratio of two participants to a trained instructor but private lessons are also available at 8,000 baht.


The rider (or riders; 1-3), wearing a life jacket, is safely harnessed to a parachute and towed by a speedboat after a running start. Instructors may accompany riders if requested or if the wind currents are too strong; but if you are feeling adventurous you may also choose to man the sails on your own. when daylight is sufficient but it is also subjected to the prevailing weather. Prices usually start at 600 baht for a solo rider and is often open to negotiation. There are no age or height restrictions and children are welcomed to participate. You should expect to get drenched upon landing but fret not, the instructors are there to guide you every step of the way and ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Scuba Diving

Explore the magical underwater sports kingdom that resides beneath the beaches in Pattaya and get up close and personal with exotic marine life. Armed with an oxygen tank, goggles and flippers, you can enter the depths of the ocean and into the homes of colourful fish and beautiful coral reefs. Scuba diving is a popular past time in Pattaya due to their efforts in marine conservation to preserve their aquatic environment.

Snorkeling Sports

Snorkeling Sports


snorkeling requires far less equipment and is perfect for admiring the coral reefs closer to shore.Prices typically start at 1,000 baht (S$40), inclusive of transport from the hotel, snorkeling gear and lunch. Snorkeling may be more suitable for those who simply wish to experience the visuals of Pattaya’s marine life without committing to a course. Such packages are available from the same vendors Real Divers and Mermaids Dive centre, both of which have been highly acclaimed by customers who had patronised their services.