Summer sport faces stiff competition in the recreational possibilities of the beaches, lakes and forests, with cricket to be the major sport in New Zealand

Relaxation and New Zealand beach holidays go hand-in-hand, even though lounging on the beach is a superb summer pastime, there are many beach activities and summer sports which are popular on NZ beaches. Get stocked on sports gear before you leave and obtain active at the beach with:

Summer beach sports

Summer beach sports

When you wish to keep cool this summer, you have loads of options. Of course, you are able to sit in the shade, lick an frozen treats and enjoy your favourite long, cold drink there is however a lot of water-based activities, sports and playgrounds to savor too! So grab your sunscreen, your hat as well as your sunnies to enjoy the New Zealand summer safely and obtain out there.

Summer sport faces stiff competition in the recreational possibilities of the beaches, lakes and forests, with cricket to be the major sport. The Black Caps may be the name of the national side. There are lots of tennis courts throughout the country, along with other racket sports are widely played.

  • Beach volleyball – You just need a net, a ball and some friends to enjoy this fast-paced game.
  • Cricket – Rally the household for this sport that’s a hit with kids and adults alike.
  • Touch rugby – Grab a ball striking the sand for a bet on touch followed by a cool beer.
  • Frisbee – The classic beach sport; success is in your throwing technique!
  • Surfing – Whether you are a pro catching the big waves or perhaps a learner in the surf world, surfing is ideal for fitness and co-ordination.
  • Beach ball – Ideal for young kids, beach ball games go right combined with the sport of building sandcastles
  • Beach fishing – It is a waiting game, but an excellent one if you land the large one.

Water Sports and Wet Adventures

There are many ways to get wet in Nz with ample opportunity for visitors and locals to savor numerous water sports. Local tourism operators can present you with all the safety equipment you have to enjoy these water sports and tuition is usually available for beginners. Whilst you’re on vacation and the sun is hot, there is no better time to throw a little bit of caution to the wind enjoy yourself in the water: Kayaking, Rafting (whitewater river and blackwater rafting), River boarding – this really is something you won’t often get to test,Sailing, Scuba diving and snorkelling, Surfing, Windsurfing.
Simply choose how and where you want to chill out from our aquatic sports listings. Alternatively, use our website search to find out where the sport you would like is available.


If you like swimming, then you’re spoilt for choice. You will find great public swimming pools (outdoors and indoors) and lidos in most New Zealand towns, which frequently include seperate pools for toddlers and wet, watery play equipment for children of all ages. And of course, there are some great beaches to select from – safe swimming beaches are often signposted and during summer months, surf lifeguards patrol popular beaches within designated swimming areas.

Wet Sightseeing Adventures

You can even find more adventurous ways to feel a cooling breeze throughout the summer months including: taking chartered trips to determine or swim with dolphins and seals, hooking an excellent catch on a fishing trip or getting out of bed close and personal to giant sperm whales.

Dolphin sightseeing, Fishing charters, Swimming with seals, Whale watching.