​Diving and snorkeling are unique and exciting opportunities to experience the underwater beauty and marine life or natural treasure in Miami beach island.

It is no surprise that snorkeling and Florida have always been a perfect match. It’s a recreational activity that showcases the beauty of our water and its diverse native wildlife while providing an escape from the oppressive heat. When it comes to one of the top tourist ocean water sport activities, snorkeling, Miami isn’t really a major attraction despite its proximity to the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic. But if you know where to look, you can still find some interesting snorkeling in the area.

What you can find during snorkeling water sport activit, Whether you’re snorkeling a natural or artificial reef, at the beach or along the mangroves, you’ll discover amazing underwater creatures. Look at the vibrant yellow and red coral canyons and purple sea fans swaying in the ocean’s current during this water sport activity. Coral is actually alive and it’s extremely delicate. Touching coral is detrimental to its health and can also be dangerous. It’s actually related to the jellyfish and can provide a sharp sting, burn, or cut when touched. A good rule of thumb is to stay in water that’s at least six feet deep while snorkeling over coral. Look for tropical fish including yellowtail snapper, parrotfish, angelfish, blue tang, grouper, and hogfish. Other creatures include spiny lobsters, stingrays, sea turtles, and even nurse sharks. Anytime you’re near the water in Miami, keep your eyes peeled for marine mammals like manatees or pods of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. With such a thriving and diverse ecosystem, there’s nearly as much to discover underwater in Miami as there is on land!

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Discover underwater beauty & reef

So grab your fins, mask and snorkel and get ready to see a whole world just below the surface in Miami:

Best snorkeling sites in miami beach

Pompano Beach

This beach site is suitable to you for many of water sport activities. Pompano Beach, north of Fort Lauderdale, has the closest shoreline to the Gulf Stream than anywhere else, delivery clear, warm waters to the area. Several reefs can even be reached just by swimming from the shore, although dive operators will be able to take visitors to some of the most beautiful sites in the area.

The Half Moon

The Half Moon was a two-masted racing schooner that sank in 1930 off the shores of Key Biscayne. The ship remains in its watery grave, embedded in white sand in no more than 10 feet of water. The remains of the ship make a happy home for many reef fish, sponges and coral.

Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach is just to the north of the hotel. Just off of the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk is the Tenneco Towers wreck dive, which now forms the largest artificial reef in Southeast Florida. The towers comprise 5 oil rigs that were sunk in 1985 after they were retired from oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park, just south of the city, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who want to get out of the urban sprawl of Miami. This laid back park has a shallow reef that is excellent for snorkeling and diving. The park’s underwater ecosystem is home to corals, reef fish and manatees. With its rocky coral reefs and mangrove coastline, snorkelers can explore a landscape hard to find anywhere else. There are no rental shops in the park, so be sure to bring your own snorkeling gear. However, the visitors’ center does loan out dive flags so lifeguards can keep track of your location. Visitors to Biscayne Bay can also charter boats from this location to snorkel in Elliot Key further to the south. This is the best center for water sports activities.

Crandon Park

Miami Dade Eco Adventures holds various tours around Key Biscayne and the Bear Cut Preserve from Crandon Park. The kayak and snorkel tour is a good way to get away from the shore and see the area’s marine life.

Fort Lauderdale

Known as the “Venice of America,” Fort Lauderdale has renowned beaches in the Miami area, and it is also a favorite spot for snorkeling. With the reef as close as 100 yards from shore, Fort Lauderdale is a hot spot for diving and snorkeling in Miami. With 75 artificial reef sites, 23 miles of beach, and over 50 shipwrecks in the area, there is a lot to see in this small expanse of ocean.

Best water sports activities in miami

Experiencing marine life

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