Bali Water Sports offer a broad range of water-based activities for example banana boat, turtle island, snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, parasailing along with other marine sport activities.

The island of Bali, Indonesia, has got the best tourist attractions for those of you who choose water sports. Blue sea water without wave is the greatest venue for water sport activities. Bali own the gorgeous place with the long white sandy beach situated in Tanjung Benoa as a Marine Sport Center. It’s located right in the Bali’s Peninsula, south a part of the island and about 25 minutes drive from Bali’s Airport terminal. It is just a step from Nusa Dua, the elite resort area and featured by a good way to reach it.

Bali Water Sports

Bali Water Sports

Now, tourists can take advantage of many kinds of water sports. There are many places in the island to find an operator for this kind of outdoor activity


Bali’s spectacular coastline is fantastic for water activities including snorkelling. Visitors can observe abundant marine-life on the reefs off Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Benoa. Other popular snorkelling destinations include Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, Padangbai, Candidasa, Tulamben, Amed, Lovina and also the stunning Menjangan Island. This island is the greatest place for snorkelling. The sport can be enjoyed in almost any area that has coral reefs and snorkelling gear is definitely available for rent. Visitors can engage in snorkelling tours offered by many professional tour companies. A complete day snorkelling tour usually includes equipment, lunch and refreshments, guide, and transfer.


Bali Parasailing Parasailing activity will take you to the exciting experience by hook oneself in airborne for a second and you’ll get free to enjoy the amazing look at the island from the over head. Beautiful scenery from the sea water is easily discovered by flying like a bird with string more then 100 meter up makes this activity really unforgettable memory in life. You can get Parasailing Adventure at this time as your choice during your vacation Island.


Surfing is definitely the most popular activity and more so in South Bali. Experienced surfers go to the small coves beneath the cliffs of Ulu Watu as the beaches around Kuta-Legian are best suitable for beginners. Lessons are available together with equipment rental from several outlets across the beach.

Jet SkiRiding

Bali Jet SkiRiding a motorized sea vehicle can get different experience and the fresh sea breeze will swirl hair. Fun riding on the blue water using the combination of jet Drive Switch on to 700 cc and private water craft will result pure excitement.This outdoor activity will power up your adrenalin as you will ride a type of a sea motorbike which works on the water at 60 mph. Obviously you will be assisted by a skilled instructor. You can see the shore running when you ride the jet-ski in high-speed. The next option takes you towards the air. Parasailing is a good method to experience a bird’s life. You will safely fly while using parasailing to look down anything below.

Scuba Diving

Given its reputation like a surfing destination, people are amazed to learn that Bali also offers some great dive sites. The south western a part of Bali has all the great surfing sites while the north eastern side has calm waters full of fantastic corals that are ideal for diving.

Water skiWater

Tanjung Benoa Beach

Tanjung Benoa Beach

Water skiWater Ski is among the exciting Marine Sport Activities by gliding around the seawater at Tanjung Benoa Beach that is famous with Bali Marine Sport Center. This adventure uses water ski board and pulled through the power boat to surround the gorgeous white sandy beach area.Wake boarding and waterskiing like this looks dangerous for amateurs, moreover for newcomers. But, the operator always assigns an experienced instructor that will lead the riders to handle wake board and ski appliances. So doing all of your outdoor activity in Tanjung Benoa is protected and secure as well as makes the body healthier.

Submarine safari

Odyssey Submarine, certainly one of its only kinds in South Asia, goes to an underwater adventure and provides you the opportunity to observe tropical marine fauna and flora, colorful fish, delicate corals and unusual vegetation.


Enjoy a cruise around the sparkling waters of Bali to the neighbourhood islands Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Lembongan is particularly popular because of the presence of offshore coral reefs making it an excellent spot to dive, snorkel and surf. You are able to choose between modern cruisers, smaller sailing boats, or catamaran. Relax towards the sound of winds and find out the dolphins playing within the warm tropical waters. Also see a few of the lesser visited coves and lagoons. You are able to choose from day trips to romantic sunset cruises and dinner cruises with boat rides.

Banana boat

Banana boat is usually taken as the lightest water sport. It is because you only sit and ride a blow up raft shaped in banana fruit. A spead boat will pull the raft as well as on full speed you surely will begin screaming and laughing because of the excitement. Activity that is similar to banana boat may be the rolling donut where the speed boat pulls up a raft in the shape of donut. Although these activities look easy, you ought to be able to control yourself as well as your balance on the high speed.