Go bali island, is popular destination for marine adventure activities to get exciting experience of surfing other water sports during indonesia holidays.

Bali Island in Indonesia, is a beautiful small island and has famous from long time ago since the island was perfectly featured by the unique local cultures, beautiful landscape, beaches, tourist facilities, attractions and adventure activities. The island has growth to build facilities and attraction to support in all line of tourist need includes the adventures where all tourist can go for water adventures either land adventures. Water Sports are the fantastic water adventures where you can join in Bali today.There are several beaches as water sports destinations in bali. Here you can enjoy marine water sport adventures includes Jet Ski, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Banana Boat Riding, Fly Fish, Wave Boarding, Donut Riding, Glass Bottom Boad and Turtle Island Tour. Bali surf advisors provide booking services for those above activities with competitive and reasonable prices. These are the great water activities and perfect ideas that you must join to get all fun and impressive experiences.

Bali is a good place for surfing for a number of reasons. It is seem fast growing of demands from the foreign and local tourists who intend to learn of surf or experience of surfing in Bali. The island offers many choice of surf spots that surfers can choose based on their own skill from the beginner up to professional. The waves along the coastal area are ideally to bring them into the fantastic water adventures especially the beach in south part of Bali. You may try to experience or even you start to surf, reliable surf company available to accommodate you with professional surf instructors.

bali water spots activities

Surfing at kuta beach, Bali

These include warm water, relatively uncrowded breaks, when compared to California and Australia. Bali gets some kind of surf most of the year, there are beach breaks and Kuta and Dreamland and also reef breaks on the rest of the Bukit, including the famous Uluwatu. Bali’s unique geography, means that you can get a selection of left hand breaks on one side of the Bukit, drive for 20 minutes and get another whole selection of right hand breaks. In Lombok, for example, you’d have to ride for 4 hours or more, to get from one side of the island, to the other.
During the dry season (April-October), the trade winds favour surfing the western side of the coast, including the breaks on the western Bukit including Uluwatu and Bingin. During the wet season (November-March) the tides and winds favour the eastern coast including the eastern Bukit breaks such as Nusa Dua and Sri Lanka.

Surfing Spots in Bali

You could say that there are 4 basic surfing regions in Bali, West Bali (Medewi, Balian), South Bali (Canggu, Gado Gado, Padma, the Bukit (Bingin, Balangan, , Nusa Dua, Sri Lanka) East Bali (Ketewel, Keramas, Nusa Lembongan (Playgrounds, Shipwrecks, Lacerations).

Best Beach Spots for Surfing in Bali:

Balangan Beach Surfing

Balangan is one of the most beautiful destinations to surf on the island of Bali. The beach is scattered with a number of thatched warungs where you can check the surf while enjoying a Bintang.The wave itself is best from mid to low and can be very fast. Barrels are possible but are usually a quick head dip before speeding down the line to make the next section. Balangan generally has two main sections. One off the point and the second 100 metres down the beach.

Kuta Beach

The island’s first ‘surfer’s beach’, Kuta was an empty coast back in 1936, when Robert Koke, an American expat hotelier, set out riding waves here on his homemade Honolulu-style board, soon followed by young locals. Although much has changed, Kuta is still a favourite spot for learners. The long sandy stretch has fun waves for beginners in small swells.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua area is well known as a resort area where many big hotels and high class apartments have been built. Nusa Dua owns a very beautiful beach along with the white sandy beach and palmtrees. Nusa Dua also owns a good wave for every surfing adventure. As a resort area, Nusa Dua, is easy accesible. Located beside of the Grand Hyatt Resort or behind of amphitheatre of Nusa Dua.

Serangan Beach

Serangan Beach is located 5 km southern of Denpasar Town and the beach itself are located at Serangan Island that has been exploited and designed as a resort area. Serangan owns a beautiful beach and the good high wave. Many surfers enjoy surfing in this place. Warung or small cafes to serve the seafood are also available in this area.a hotel close to this surfpoint is hotel tugu.


The Ngurah Rai International Airport’s strip juts out to sea around 1.5 kilometres south of the Kuta break. The surf spots here are aptly named ‘Airport Lefts’ and ‘Airport Rights’. The greater swells of up to five feet are beyond a reef that requires a rented boat ride out, while beginners can enjoy the considerably rideable waves near the shor

Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach is located 10 km to the west of Denpasar Town and owns a beautiful beach with black sand along the beach. The big waves are easy to be found in this place and many surfers, local and foreign, love this place to experience this water adventure. It is located in Canggu Village, Kerobokan, Denpasar Bali and very easy accessible especially by motorcycle. Restaurant and warung (cafe) are available in this place and makes your stay very nice.

Surf Breaks in Bali Indonesia