Watersports, a general term for sport activities performed in, under or on water. Pattaya is abound with watersport activities because of the location, weather and facilities

Pattaya’s location around the Gulf of Thailand, together with its reputation as hardy seaside resort with tropical climate, applies ideally to water activities. Here you’ll find most types of water sports, from jet-skis to snorkelling, parasailing to diving, water-skiing to yacht racing and sailing inside a dinghy. Oh, and the swimming can also be good.

A Wealth of Watersports Pattaya

Water Sports in Pattaya

A breakdown of Pattaya Beach When it comes to activity, the northern end is usually more sedate, while the central and southern parts really are a little funkier and livelier, night or day. The southern part the hub of Pattaya’s nightlife may be the densely packed epicentre of all things brash, noisy and risqu. Beach Road has sand and sea to 1 side, and bars, restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops to another. Inland, parallel Second Road is filled with noodle bars, crowded beer bars, souvenir shops, hotels and guest houses.

Where you can do water sports in Pattaya

Pattaya is really a seaside resort located about 1 hour drive south of Bangkok. Because the days it first shot to popularity as a resting spot of yankee soldiers in the Vietnam War Pattaya is continuing to grow in size considerably. Today tourists flock within the hundreds of thousands to Pattaya to enjoy the different nightlife and attractions.

Unfortunately using the continuous development of hotels and resorts to look after the increasing number of tourists within the 1980’s came an increase in pollution. Up to recently raw sewage had been pumped into the bay at Pattaya severely damaging water conditions there and making aquatic sports a much less attractive option.

The problem has started to improve however in the past few years with the government investing in infrastructure like a sewage treatment plant, and even though still not entirely clean, water is getting better.


Swimming in the water in Pattaya Bay is still most likely not a good idea due to the dirty conditions. If you wish to go swimming then your best option would be to go to Jomtein beach which is a 15minute drive south of Pattaya. Water here is cleaner and the atmosphere is less crowded. Should you choose want to swim in Pattaya bay then your water is cleanest in the very north end.


Most people to Pattaya wanting to do some snorkeling usually visit one of the few islands that are situated a brief boat ride away from the mainland. The best Islands around which to visit snorkeling near Pattaya are Ko Khrok, Ko Sok or Ko Lan. Rental of snorkeling equipment during the day costs around 500B and can be rented in the organizers of the boat trip.

Slightly even further away are the Islands of Ko Man Wichai and Bamboo Island, each of which have great beaches and snorkeling opportunities within the nearby coral reefs. A boat journey either to of these Islands from Pattaya will definitely cost about 2000 Baht.

Scuba Diving

However, there isn’t much scuba diving actually completed in Pattaya Bay, there are plenty of dive shops placed in Pattaya who can take you out to the very best diving spots in the surrounding areas. The standards of those dive shops are good with qualified English speaking Expat instructors available to help. Most divers based in Pattaya would rather go diving around Ko Si Chang and Sattahip where provided you’re qualified, depths as high as 40 metres can be reached.