Use these weight loss tips to get in shape the fun way; that is, by playing your favourite sports.

Most average people hate going to the gym. It is monotonous and tiresome to keep doing the same exercises again and again. But what about playing a sport? Who can hate sports after all? Fortunately sports and your weight loss secrets are deeply interconnected. To lose weight fast and maintain it, your best bet is to spend lots of energy is a sport you choose to play. These top 6 calorie-burning sports can help you lose weight faster.

Top 6 Sports For The Weight Lose Faster:

Sports For The Weight Lose

Sports For The Weight Lose


A fantastic work out for all levels of physical abilities, swimming is amazing for weight loss. An all-over workout, it is incredibly gentle on your joints and is an effective aerobic workout too. The butterfly stroke burns the most calories up to 949 an hour. Breaststroke and freestyle can burn up to 863 calories an hour.


ESPN places boxing at the top of its list. Boxing requires hours of training, from jumping rope to sparring before you actually hit the ring for a match. Endurance, agility, footwork, quick reflexes and decisions are all incorporated in the sport. In addition, you’ll burn a significant number of calories, which is essential in reducing belly fat. If you weigh 185 pounds, boxing burns 400 calories in only 30 minutes of sparring.


Depending on your standard speed, you can manage to burn between 500 and 1000 calories during an hour’s bike ride. Out in the fresh air, it’s very good for your mental health too. Enjoyed with friends, exercising by bike ride can be fun and entertaining.

Row Your Boat

You can participate in rowing as a team sport, or as an individual aerobic and Strength-building exercise. Rowing teams practice every week and participate in competitions with other teams. The camaraderie and team spirit keep you motivated, while the practices work your major muscle groups and core. If the weather is bad, or you don’t live near a rowing team, you can still use the rowing machine at the fitness center to burn up to 377 calories in a 30-minute workout.

Row Your Boat

Row Your Boat

Beach Games

It might seems like lots of fun but beach games are also very calorie consuming. Whether it is beach volleyball or football; it will take a toll on the accumulated fats under your skin. Even running on the beach is more strenuous than running on even ground. You will have to make that extra effort to pull your feet out of sand every now and then. Then there is the fresh sea breeze to make the heat tolerable.

Racking It Up With Rackets

The racket sports, including tennis and racquetball, are all vigorous activities that require constant movement as the ball flies and bounces across the court. While tennis is usually played in an outdoor court, racquetball is played in an enclosed room, where the ball may bounce off any of the four walls, the ceiling or the floor. Both sports may be played in matches, with two players, or in doubles. Recreational tennis and racquetball are both relatively vigorous, burning 311 calories in a 185-pound player during a 30-minute game.