Enjoy sports entertainment with upcoming winter olympics sports events & games ( Figure Ice skating, Luge Team Relay, Snowboard cross, Ski Half-Pipe and Men's and Women's Parallel Slalom Snowboard ) will be held on 7 feb - 23 in Sochi, Russia.

The Winter Olympics is an excellent event, regardless if you are a winter sports enthusiast or not. The Opening Ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics takes place on Friday, February 7.The upcoming Winter Olympics of 2014 in Sochi, Russia will feature six new Olympic events. Over 2500 athletes representing for more than 80 nations will compete in 98 events in 15 winter sports.The countdown has begun to another Winter Olympics, so stay with MSN Sport to find out all of the latest Winter Olympics news in the build-as much as Sochi 2014. The Games will be organized in two clusters: a coastal cluster for ice events in Sochi, and a mountain cluster within the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains. This makes it one of the most compact Games ever, with approximately 30 minutes travel time from your coastal to mountain cluster. Team USA athletes will compete within the following sports at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi-

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

  • Figure skating – ice dance, pairs, singles (men’s and ladies), team
  • Ice hockey
  • Biathlon
  • Bobsled
  • Curling
  • Luge
  • Short track speedskating
  • Skeleton
  • Skiing – alpine, cross country, freestyle, jumping/Nordic combined
  • Snowboarding
  • Speedskating

2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Sport Events & Games

Biathlon Mixed Relay

This popular sport combines skiing with shooting in a relay race format. It will now include men and women on both teams. The women will race a 6 km (about 3.7 miles) and the men’s course is going to be 7.5 km in W-W-M-M order. Each athlete will assume two shooting positions: prone and standing. A missed target will draw a penalty by means of an additional 150 m loop (about .09 miles) towards the skier/shooter. The athletes will begin simultaneously in three rows. The order from the starting lineup is based on the combined men and women results around the globe Cup Nations Cup score. The fastest, most accurate team is the winner.

Figure Ice Skating Team Occasion

The Worldwide Olympic Committee offers announced adding a Determine Skating Group Event, along with five additional new occasions for the 2014 Olympic Winter months Games within Sochi. Figure ice skating for example is undoubtedly an incredible activity. It is extremely well-liked by various ethnicities and age ranges. (The determine skating group event) is undoubtedly an incredible proposal. It is a thing that will add large value for the Olympic program. Ten countries qualified for your first-ever competition-Britain, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and america. Only skaters that individually qualified for your Olympic teams may compete in the team event, that will begin on Feb. 6, the day before Opening Ceremonies, and conclude on Feb. 9.

Luge Team Relay

Another Winter Olympic favorite, luge gets a new event by means of team relay. The race format will feature teams in a double sled, a women’s single sled along with a men’s single sled. The 3 groups will slide on after the other. The clock can keep running through all three slides until the last one clears the course. At the bottom from the course is really a touch pad that must be activated to release the gate for the following sled around the team. Speed is the one thing that matters here, as well as the team using the fastest time will win the event.

Men’s and Women’s Slopestyle Snowboard

In an example of X Games meeting the traditional Winter Olympics, slopestyle snowboard features snowboarders performing along specifically made trails called “terrain parks.” The mountainside course is stuffed with various types of jumps and rails that the snowboarders use to produce tricks and-amplitude jumps because they move along the slope. Women’s and men’s snowboaring halfpipe has been a celebration since the ’06 Winter Olympics. Now snowboarding halfpipe joins this mixture.

Snowboard cross

This is a mass start event where 4 racers start simultaneously. They must make their way through an obstacle course filled with hills, turns, jumps and ramps. They could do tricks, but way too many tricks will just slow them down – and this is a timed race. The very best two times proceed to the next round.

Women’s Skiing Jumping

Women’s skiing jumping, in whose exclusion numerous in snowboarding consider to become prejudiced; and group events within luge and determine skating. A good eighth occasion, an All downhill skiing group competition which has racers heading head to go on the giant slalom, have been rejected.

The actual Ski Half-Pipe (Women and men)

Men’s and Women’s snowboarding is going to be Olympic occasions in 2014. The actual International Olympic Panel announced lately that these occasions will be placed into the Winter Online games held in 2014 within Sochi, Russia. This is actually the poster-child event of snowboarding. Competitors take turns tackling the half pipe, a lengthy half-cylinder covered in snow and ice. Each competitor launches himself over the side of the pipe and propels himself throughout the half pipe in such a way to shoot way over the side of the other side. While the snowboarder is in the air, he performs death-defying stunts involving flips and spins in various arm and leg positions. Snowboarders continue this in a backwards and forwards pattern, down one wall and up the following, as they make their way down the half pipe.

Men’s and Women’s Parallel Slalom Snowboard

A test of snowboard speed and precision, the parallel slalom pits two snowboarders in side-by-side competition while racing down parallel courses marked by blue and warning signs. The athlete who skis the fastest and greatest stays inside the course border wins the race and moves on within the competition.The distances involving the gates the skiers must navigate are extremely narrow, that will deliver significant drama because the skiers make their way through the tight turns on the little course.Snowboarders’ position at the beginning of the event depends on time trials before the actual head-to-head racing begins. The snowboarder who finishes the Games undefeated will win the gold medal.